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Professional Profile of
Attorney Laura Matney

Attny. Matney's legal career has consisted of much successful advocacy for her clients.   She has obtained Court Orders Sole Physical Custody and Joint Physical Custody With Equal Time Sharing for Fathers many times in Courts around the state of Maryland by Trials, Emergency Hearings, and by Settlements.   She promotes Settlement whenever possible.   Attorney Matney has also achieved favorable results for Appellate cases and cases involving Immigration, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense, and Juvenile advocacy.

Published case regarding Constitutional Rights and Family Law where Attny. Matney obtained an Order for Sole Legal and Sole Physical Custody for the Father wherein the Court refined and clarified part of Maryland Child Custody Law in response to her argument:   McDermott v. Dougherty,   385   Md.   320   (2005).

*The McDermott case was later upheld and expanded to also cover Maryland Visitation Law on 1/12/07 in the case of Koshko v. Haining.

                ***Past Success is no guarantee of future Success***

Attny. Matney has effectively advocated for many Fathers.   Not only has she obtained Custody for many Fathers, but she has accomplished many other things for Fathers as well:   She has obtained Court Orders for Fathers to have Sole Physical Custody and to be able to take the Children to other states and to another country to reside with them there;   She has obtained Orders for Mothers to have to return the Children from other States within a few days;   She has obtained Orders for no Alimony having to be paid by Husbands in contested Divorce cases where the Wives filed for Alimony; and she has obtained Orders attributing income to Mothers who chose not to work to their full capacity in Child Support cases; Orders Shortening Time Allowed For Response; and Orders for Deviations Downward from the Child Support Guidelines for Fathers.   She has also also obtained an Order for the following: Transfer of Venue to another County; Transfer of Jurisdiction to another State; For Sanctions Due To Not Answering Discovery Requests - No Testimony Allowed; For The Mother To Have To Pay Part Of The Father's Daycare Costs During The Summer; For A Father To Be Allowed To Reimburse Mother For Daycare Costs Only After Proof Of Actual Payment Each Month Instead Of Incorporating Into The Guideline Amount; For A Father To Be Allowed To Pay The Daycare Provider Directly Instead Of Having Daycare Costs Incorporated Into The Guideline Amount; and For The Case To Be Remanded To A Different Judge

*Past Success is no guarantee of future Success:   All cases are different with unique variables and successful outcomes for some in no way guarantees or implies successful outcomes for others.   Going to Trial always involves a risk since Judges have much discretion in the decisions they make in Maryland Family Law.

Attny. Matney is fully licensed to practice law in all courts in the State of Maryland, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, the Maryland Court of Appeals, the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, the United States Court of Appeals - Fourth Circuit, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, and the United States Supreme Court.  

Attny. Matney's education includes a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree in Psychology, which she obtained before her Juris Doctor degree.   In college she was given a special recognition pin by the professor for receiving the highest grade in her Social Psychology class.   Attny Matney received an American Jurisprudence Award for receiving the highest grade in her Family Law class in law school.

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