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We prefer to receive documents via e-mail pdf attachment rather than Fax whenever possible.

Please e-mail any documents you want Attny. Matney to review to mail@MatneyLawFirm.com.

Please do not send us any documents without first filling out our Online Appointment Request Form, which you can see on our Home Page.

If you find it necessary to send us a fax instead of a pdf attachment, please fax no more than 20 pages at a time.

Our main fax numbers are

If these fax numbers are busy or not working, then please try our other fax number: 1-301-685-5556.

If your end shows that your fax was successfully sent, please do not send that same fax to any of our other numbers.   Sending us more than one copy of the same fax causes confusion, so please do not send the same fax to more than one of our numbers at one time.

You do not need to put "Attention To" anyone.

*Sending a fax or an e-mail does not create an Attorney-Client relationship, so do not fax anything confidential if you are not a current Client.

Regarding any faxes you send us:

Please put your name and e-mail address on the first page of any group of pages you fax us.

We sometimes get faxes from people who have put them in facing the wrong way for the fax machine they are using so that we end up getting blank pages Please make sure you put the pages in facing the way they need to face in the fax machine you are using.

Please make sure your fax machine is NOT set on an extra high-speed setting when sending us faxes -- The higher the speed, the lighter the fax -- Faxes sent at extra high speeds often are not legible, especially when they contain hand-writing.     Most fax machine "Normal" settings are fine.   Many fax machines do not even have this extra high speed setting that may not be legible.   If yours does have this setting, please make sure it is set on "Normal" speed when sending faxes to us.

If you have many pages, please fax in separate faxes of no more than 20 pages at a time.

If you are not a current Client, please do not send us anything without FIRST filling out the Online Appointment Request Form, which can be seen on our Home Page.

Please put your full name and e-mail addresses on the first page of each set of pages you fax us.

Faxes sent by people who have not filled out our Online Appointment Request Form will NOT be processed.

If you do not have access to a computer that will enable you to fill out and send our online Form, we are not going to be able to work with you and you should put calls in to other attorneys as soon as possible to avoid losing time in your case.

If you are a current Client and have received anything from the Court, please e-mail it to us via pdf attachment (or fax, if necessary) as soon as possible.   -- Do not assume the Court has mailed a copy to us as well as to you.   The Courts do not usually send mail to both the Attorney and the Client, and sometimes they do make mistakes and send things to the Client instead of to the Attorney.

If one of our fax lines is busy or not working, please use one of the alternate numbers.